Why buying teak furniture from Indonesia?

If you land on this article, you know that teak furniture from Indonesia is so popular around the world since teak were widely grown in Indonesia islands, if you currently live in Australia, then check importing furniture from Indonesia to Australia especially regulations first. Their ancestors have been used teak for almost any variety close to their cultures and lives such as start from making their houses, bridges, agricultural equipment, and even the phinisi ships to cross the ocean. We all know that tea is so durable and strong to hold extreme seasons. That’s the main reason why people prefer choosing teak wood for their outdoor furniture.

Instead of its durability and strength, you have to recognize that they have beautiful wood grains. The color is solid, interesting patterns and rich color to please your eyes. This is also the reason to use wood as the great furniture material. However, there are several things that you need to consider and need to know first before importing furniture from Indonesia to Australia. This article may help you to choose the best furniture based on your needs to import furniture from Indonesia. 

Always pay attention to the wood quality 

Just like other wood types, they have their own characteristics and different qualities one to another. Mostly, the teak quality was decided where they have grown and how well they were maintained. Of course, tres love to grow in fertile lands along with perfect terrain to get much sunlight and water source. But this is not the main case to get a high-quality teak wood. Good teak from Indonesia comes from the limed soil and rare water source as well. Enough nutrition that they get can make them grow slowly but it does not make this wood looks that fat, this condition is very ideal to make a tree has solid cambium and solid grains as well. When they grow fast since much nutrition, the final result of their woods would be easier to crack and soft. So that they will be easier to bend, shrink and twisting as well.

In Java, Indonesia – the best teak quality comes from central Java and east Java such as Blora district and Pacitan. So, there are many things that you have to know first and how to choose the best manufacturer before importing furniture from Indonesia to Australia. You can check those regulations first. 

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