Guides to Buy Indonesia Furniture

As a furniture buyer, this is very essential that you purchase furniture from a reliable manufacturer and knowing importing Indonesian furniture. There are many things that you need to know when purchasing furniture. We all know that wood is the natural material and it always expands and contrasts throughout different seasons. So, it is very important that your supplier also knows the best construction to minimize the risks of quality problems. The wood can bend if it was not dried properly or if the wrong construction was used to assemble that furniture. Instead, there are also various wood types and qualities can affect the esthetic. We also know that Indonesia was very popular with its wood furniture. 

 As a smart buyer, this is necessary to know the right balance between quality and price tag before importing Indonesian furniture. Finally, they cost you much. Minimize the material cost may be important, however, is another side you want to purchase the best quality to minimize any quality issue as well. So, purchasing cheap furniture will cause you more issues along with the additional fee in the long term. 

Where is the best place to buy Indonesia furniture? 

So, you can buy it in Jepara city, specifically in Central Java, Indonesia. You will find so many furniture manufacturers here. Jepara is the heart of Indonesian furniture. In Jepara, you can see the furniture manufacturers anywhere. There is much high skilled craftsmanship in Jepara along with other cities since their skills were inherited to generations. But there are some big cities in Indonesia such as Semarang, Jakarta, and Surabaya – you find big companies that produce the full machine-made furniture that needs high minimum qualities as well. In Jepara, you can find so many manufacturers which can make special furniture designs along with the minimum orders as long as you purchase one full container. If you do not live in this country, then you can know where to import furniture from Indonesia.

How does it long to manufacture a container? 

Usually, it takes around 10 weeks to produce one container of your furniture. This time was needed to process the wood properly around 2 to 3 weeks to get the water level around 10 to 14 percent. Spending your time to dry the wood is a very necessary process that should be done properly. If the manufacturer does not have the oven for this process, then you may choose other manufacturers to avoid any crack or bend in your wood furniture before importing Indonesian furniture.

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